Daniela Maya Bustos

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In Mexico, Daniela Bustos Maya met amazing artisans who had been expressing their craftsmanship and artistry weaving hammocks. They worked with them to rescue and use different weaving techniques, using threads made here in yucatan to string hammocks. The pieces invoke the desire to have a symbolic image of Mexican culture close to the heart: through the traditional weaving techniques passed on generations, Daniela tries to honor and show her respect for Mexico, as the place which has received and hosted her with love, without detaching myself from the influences of my life in Argentina and Latin America.

Daniela Bustos Maya is proud to be a socially responsible brand. The brand was born inspired by the beauty of Mexico and is rooted in Yucatan. We generate jobs in the community by providing job opportunities to artisans from the state, providing a fair and ethical payment, which promotes economic flow in different communities. In the same way, we promote the use of techniques passed down from generation to generation, achieving in this way an avant-garde design, based on a rich ancestral culture, creating pieces that have not only material value, but sentimental as well, via the juxtaposition of Argentinian and Mexican cultures in each of the pieces. All the materials used in Daniela Bustos Maya are made in Mexico, by Mexican hands.

Daniela Bustos Maya - Top Flecos

Daniela Bustos Maya - Top Flecos

KD 67.000KD 49.250 Ex Tax: KD 49.250

Hand made Fringe Top with Mexican XX century coins. Top de flecos elaborado a mano con Monedas del Siglo XX mexicanas...

Daniela Maya Bustos - Poncho Mazorca

Daniela Maya Bustos - Poncho Mazorca

KD 80.000KD 55.000 Ex Tax: KD 55.000

MAZORCA PONCHO Hand made Poncho with Mexican XX century coins. Poncho elaborado a mano con Monedas del Siglo XX mexicanas.One Size..

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